Graphene-PDMS flexible foam
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Graphene/PDMS Flexible Foam

Graphene/PDMS Flexible Foam, 3" x 1.5"

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This unique hybrid material is comprised of a CVD grown graphene foam core embedded with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The foam boasts outstanding properties in conductivity, flexibly, and ultralight.


  • Size: 3"x1.5" (76.2 mm x 38.1 mm)
  • Composition: CVD Grown Graphene 95%, Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) 5%
  • Foam Thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Volume Resistivity: 6 Ohm⋅cm
  • Density: 85 mg/cm³
  • Color: Black


  • Aerospace - Graphene/PDMS Flexible Foam has outstanding electrical performance. This material has a very low density cellular structure that addresses unique needs of aerospace materials.
  • Defense - Its unique set of properties makes this material a promising candidate for applications in homeland security, defense monitoring systems, or as a component of the high performance composites.
  • Electronics - This user-friendly material is a terrific choice for various wearable electronics, electromagnetic shielding material, sensors, and flexible circuitry due to the high conductivity and flexibility.
  • Energy Storage- Large surface area, chemical inertness and high conductivity, make Graphene/PDMS Flexible Foam a perfect electrode for energy storage devices such as supercapacitors and batteries.
  • Bioengineering Markets - This completely noncorrosive product holds an enormous potential in orthopedics, electroactive scaffolds, and implants since it is robust, flexible and resistant to the in vivo environment.  


    • Can be easily cut with a knife or razor blade
    • Can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and geometries


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Graphene/PDMS Flexible Foam, 3" x 1.5"

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Graphene-PDMS flexible foam