Graphene-Silver Nanowires on PET
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Graphene-Silver Nanowires on PET, Size: 4cm x 4cm

Graphene-Silver Nanowires on PET, Size: 4cm x 4cm

Monolayer graphene film is grown on Cu foil via CVD process , then transferred onto the Silver Nanowires/PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) substrate. The graphene film is polycrystalline, i.e. it consists of grains with different crystallographic orientation. The graphene film is continuous, with occasional holes and cracks.


  • Size: 4cm x 4cm
  • PET Thickness: 7 mil=175 micron
  • Sheet Resistance: 40-60 Ω/□
  • Graphene-Silver Nanowires Coverage: <99% 


    • Solar Cells
    • Transparent conductive coatings (TCO)
    • Flexible electronics
    • Graphene Sensors
    • Graphene Research                                            

We can manufacture custom, large-size coatings with different shapes. Please contact us for a quote.

Please note that it is difficult to obtain a Raman spectrum of graphene film directly on PET due to a strong background signal.

Our graphene films are transferred by a PMMA assisted method. Please refer to the references below for more details.

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Graphene-Silver Nanowires on PET, Size: 4cm x 4cm

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Graphene-Silver Nanowires on PET