Graphene solutions
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Graphene solutions

Conductive Graphene Dispersion

Ultra-high Concentration Dispersion of Graphene Nanoplatelets

Silvery thick dispersion of graphene flakes in n-butyl acetate.

Keep in a tightly closed container, away from elevated temperatures.

Stirring is recommended before use.

Work in well ventilated space; working under a chemical hood is preferred.


  • Graphene Nanoplatelets: Average thickness - 7 nm
  • 23 wt% Total graphene content
  • Solvent: N-Butyl acetate
  • Proprietary dispersant (2%)

  • Graphene dispersions easily form micron-thick highly conductive films on most substrates including paper, glass, plastic films and cartons.

    Films made from this dispersion require 30 minutes of drying time at room temperature.Such films can be deposited by blade or bar coating. These films have a smooth, paper-like structure.

    Pristine Graphene Monolayer Flakes

    Concentration: 1 mg/L

    • Carbon content: 99.99%
    • Ultrapure: no oxidation, no surfactants
    • Average flake thickness: 0.35 nm (1 monolayer)
    • Average Particle (lateral) size: ~ 550 nm (150-3000) nm.


    (shipping charges included)

    Conductive Graphene Dispersion (100 ml)

    SEK 1780

    Conductive Graphene Dispersion (200 ml)

    SEK 2720

    Pristine Graphene Monolayer Flakes (50 ml)

    SEK 1120

    Graphene solutions